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  1. What does a functioning pretrial justice system look like? This fact sheet, developed to support the Global Campaign on Pretrial Justice, lays out in simple graphic terms the main steps towards ensuring the proper protection of detainee rights.
  2. The State of Pretrial Justice in America is our attempt to capture, using basic indicators, current pretrial practice in all fifty states, as well as in the aggregate. It is a baseline against which we can gauge progress. Like you, I am eager to see a new national standard of pretrial justice that does not discriminate based on wealth or race; or.
  3. The transformation of New Jersey’s criminal justice system was a joint effort of the all three branches of government that grew from the work of the Joint Committee on Criminal Justice, a special committee of the Supreme Court established by Chief Justice Stuart .
  4. The New Jersey Pretrial Justice Manual, in an effort to support New Jersey attorneys as they work to end pretrial injustice in the state. It is our hope that all defenders, both public and private, use this resource to aggressively and consistently challenge the pretrial system that punishes the accused.
  5. Alaska has rolled back many pretrial justice reforms through HB Failures to appear have become misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the underlying charge, instead of violations. The types of charges for which people can be held for up to 48 hours to allow prosecutors to demonstrate risk of flight or danger to the community has been expanded.
  6. There is no pretrial justice without racial justice — and we were wrong for having these tools as part of our “smart” pretrial justice framework. For us, the hallmarks of the next generation of bail reform will be a commitment to decarceration, values-based discussions about the purpose of detention, a willingness to acknowledge the humanity of everyone, and an openness of the system to.
  7. The Criminal Justice Program is a n instructional program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills that relate to performing entry-level duties as a patrolman, corrections officer, juvenile officer, security officer and probation officer. The course stresses patrol and related duties such as traffic and crowd control, the American legal system, techniques used in the.

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